Environment and Consumer Safety
  • Control and examination for no use of genetic material (no OGM) from seed purchasing to harvesting;
  • Preparation of land for sowing, fertilizing, seeding and transplantation, growing protection program (parasiticides and fungicides), irrigation, in compliance with Emilia-Romagna Region rules and regulation for Controlled Quality (Q.C.);
  • Checked Food-chain "from the field to the table";
Quality total control
  • Automated seeding, transplantation and harvesting;
  • Equipped Lab for physical and chemical microbiological analysis of all products;
  • Innovative processing technology;
  • Sterilization system, formulation, hot and aseptic filling, packaging from small (25 g pouches) to big size (25 t tanks).
First-rate service
  • Producing processes specialization to satisfy any particular customers' request;
  • Cutback in costs, thanks to global management of purchasing, stock warehousing, and logistic operations;
  • Research and development department, which is able to study specific recipes to meet customers' satisfaction.
C.I.O. Consorzio Interregionale Ortofrutticoli S.c.a.r.l.
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