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CIO - Consorzio Interregionale Ortofrutticoli - is the Most important Association of Growers' Organization (A.O.P.) In Europe in the tomato processing industry with more than 800 Farmers associated and 900.000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes Produced, of which 550.000 tonnes processed in its Various plants.

Thanks to the implementation of the rules and regulations Of "Controlled Quality" and "Integrated Production", CIO Guarantees the highest quality standard of the raw material And a complete traceability "from the field to the table".

This is the inestimable value
that CIO can add to your products!

C.I.O. Consorzio Interregionale Ortofrutticoli S.c.a.r.l.
Strada dei Mercati, 9/c int.2 - Centro Agroalimentare    I - 43126 Parma
Ph. +39 0521 408111 Accounting Fax +39 0521 940298 Agronomic Fax +39 0521 408109
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